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Contaminated Solid Waste

Worth Recycling is proud of the reputation it has earned over 30 years in the treatment of liquid waste – by emphasising innovation and technical expertise. Following the same principals Worth Recycling has implemented an effective solid waste immobilisation facility, which is the only EPA/DECC licensed facility in the Sydney area, only one of two in NSW.

The disposal of solids waste has become a significant challenge for many companies, with the bar being set higher to satisfy market, community and government expectations. Waste disposal strategies are a integral part of a company’s public profile. Today the viability of any industrial process demands that there is no potential to cause harm directly or indirectly, now or in the future, just as much as it depends on commercial factors.

Worth Recycling understands this need to find credible, environmentally friendly and practical solutions for the permanent disposal of solid waste such as contaminated soil, oily sludge, tank bottoms, drilling muds, stormwaters and other organic waste materials.

Contaminated Solid Waste

Rendering a waste material safe is only our first step in achieving a greener environment. At the point our clients usually want to stop thinking about an unwanted by-product; Worth Recycling starts thinking about its recovery as a potentially valuable resource. One industry’s waste can be another industry’s feed stock. Worth Recycling are actively working with the building material industry to reuse our solid material as a base material for product manufacture, a demonstrably permanent solution. Inevitably there will always be a small portion of a waste stream that cannot be recycled, after guaranteed immobilisation this will be disposed of to accredited landfill.

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Contaminated Solid Waste